Knowledge Management

Simple. Consistent. Automatic.

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DreamLeader Pro (DLP) is a Knowledge Management + File Storage platform that provides consistent, organized file management for project teams.
 Don’t wait until you have a file management problem. Set up your projects for success with DLP!

Consistent Knowledge Management

Google Drive, SharePoint, and Dropbox all provide great file storage options, but when it comes to file management, it’s the Wild West. We’ve all seen the eventual chaos that ensues. Why not establish a consistent, seamless and simple file management structure from the get-go?

Secure File Storage

Upload your documents to DLP with the same confidence as any other cloud service. Our platform provides enhanced security, including two-factor authentication and standard encryption.


Universal ‘Pro’ Page

No more folder structures EVER AGAIN! Our project pages empower you to highlight your key documents and group essential project info which can then be easily accessed and maintained from DLP. And yes, it does version control too.


All Tools. All Equal. One Card.

Whether you want to email your Invision wire frame, upload your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, link share your Google Doc, or simply share a URL, all files, pages, link shares and URLs are treated equally to put unlike items together in an easily understood way.


View All Project Files. Beautifully.

No more folders. No more maintenance.

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